Do you have… or will you help get… what Linda needs?

LInda Garcia, Site Manager of The Historical Society of Sarasota CountyLinda, our Site Manager and Board member, has issued our Spring Wish List. Might you have/ know of/ be willing to contribute to any of these needs at the Historical Society? She’d love to hear from you!

Maybe it’s just $30 for flashlights. Maybe you can strongarm your talented specialist buddy into tuning the organ. Or maybe it’s something in between. Even something as humble as donating paper goods can help us preserve, protect, and polish the Bidwell-Wood House and the Crocker Church in Pioneer Park.

Click for the Wish List.

After you choose what you can fund, let Linda know if you would like to be acknowledged her on the blog, or if you’d rather keep your good works to yourself. And as they say nowadays, TIA (Thanks in Advance!)

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4 Responses to Do you have… or will you help get… what Linda needs?

  1. Mary Sproat says:

    Linda, tell me how many 3-4-5″ notbe books you need. Do they have to be a certain color? I can get as many as you want or need at our 17th St. Goodwill. Let me know.

    • saradesota says:

      Mary, how generous! To make sure Linda gets your message, perhaps you could call or email her? Contact info and office hours in the right-hand column here!

  2. 1mccamey says:

    Linda I will be glad to do flashlights and keep up with the paper goods and bathroom cleaners.



  3. L Harding says:

    How can you say no to that smiling face?

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